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Real Time Economics

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Real Time Economics is a website that contains exclusive news, analysis and commentary on the economy, Federal Reserve policy and general economic topics. The Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) Phil Izzo is the lead editor, but the blog features contributions from other WSJ reporters and editors.

There is a bar across the top of the page that shows “top” topics, with headings that include Number of the Week, Jobs, Economists React and Vital Signs. The Number of The Week column features a discussion regarding a pertinent topic based on statistics or a specific number, such as balancing the budget, wage growth or the number of Americans living near oceans. The topic categories are listed and cover things such as the credit crisis, employment, consumption, inflation, trade, energy, stimulus, taxes, budgets and more. Next to each topic there are a number of articles that can be found.

In addition to hot topics and news headings, the site also contains a list of WSJ blogs that can be accessed by clicking the link. Real Time Economics displays the most popular articles that have been read and commented on. Each topic on the main screen has tags on the left-hand side so the viewer can see what each article entails and whether it is an audio analysis, formal statement, blog or other type of source. So as opposed to simply having written news articles, there are several different forms of media available. The site posts up-to-date articles multiple times a day.

If the viewer wants to search through Real Time Economics, there is a search bar at the top right-hand corner. This bar allows a user to browse not only using keyword titles, but also channels of media, such as audio analyses or blogs.

Toward the bottom of the site, there is a section for Finance Career News and Advice. This provides its readers with sources and information about the finance sector and the job market, or important topics that closely relate.

Real Time Economics is a comprehensive site with up-to-date information relevant to our economy and day-to-day lives. It is easy to navigate through and provides viewers with important, unbiased information about our economy. The wide range of topics lets the viewer choose what they want to read about, and it is easy to stumble across information that will strike your interest.

Real Time Economics

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