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Retirement Savings Planner 2011

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Retirement Savings Planner assists you in saving for retirement by taking into account income from Social Security, pensions, defined benefit plans, and other cash inflows, as well as your retirement savings and assets. The 2008 version of Retirement Savings Planner was uploaded to the download library in April of 2008, but the program has been updated several times since then.

The major strength of this program continues to be how visual it is. After inputting relevant data, including your personal information and balances, as well as your annual contributions and company matches for tax-deferred, taxable, Social Security, tax-free and pension accounts, the program will present several graphs and spreadsheets of the projected future cash inflows and outflows. The savings and retirement graphs depict how your assets will grow given the information entered, and the “Spreadsheet” details a yearly breakdown of your income before and after contributions and total balances for each investment account.

Retirement Savings Planner still offers three editions: Personal, Couples and Professional. For a chart detailing the different features offered in each edition, please visit

Retirement Savings Planner 2011

Torrid Technologies Inc.

System Requirements: Windows Operating System

Price: $89 for Personal, $169 for Couples, $699 for Professional, with a 90-day money-back guarantee. A program trial with limited features is available for an unlimited period of time.




Terry from IL posted over 6 years ago:

Might be nice if the download actually worked without crashing.

Terry from IL posted over 6 years ago:

Might be nice if the download actually worked without crashing.

Robert from CA posted over 6 years ago:

I tried this program out some years ago and, after comparison with several of them, decided that Bud Hebeler's excel workbooks was far superior ( The latter enabled the user to change almost all assumptions, account for various personal differences, and factor in personal risk-acceptance -- all at a reasonable cost. I'll try this, but first looks seem very much like the previous version I rated before.

Can anyone offer some specific Cf's?

Robert from TX posted over 6 years ago:

I love this program. It can be simple or as detailed as you want to project future cash flow.
However, be aware that this is not like most software where you pay once. Your $90 is buying a one year subscription. You must renew (at reduced price) to continue using after the first year. I do not think Torrid does an adequate job of making this clear up front.
I bought the program and used it to assure myself that I could comfortably retire. I was quite upset when the program stopped working when my year was up and have not renewed in protest.
If the renewal was around $20, I would be happy to pay; but once you have done all the up front work, the continuation is not critical unless you have major changes.

Robert from CA posted over 6 years ago:

My experience is like Robert from Texas on every point. I use Quicken's planner since Torrid's one year "rental" time bomb surprised me.

In both cases, I would like to see my trailing data for planning feedback.

BobW. from California

Stephen from CA posted over 6 years ago:

Download missing data, wount run. Downloaded it a few times, still same problems.

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