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RssReader is a program that allows users to view, in one dedicated location, all of the RSS feeds they are subscribed to—without cluttering other programs such as Microsoft Outlook. Users just run the program, and it will update all of their RSS feeds, which can then be accessed with a few clicks. RSS feeds are notifications of content updates at websites.

To subscribe to an RSS feed using RssReader, click the green addition symbol on the program’s toolbar and paste the RSS feed’s URL into the window. Then click “next” to view or change the feed title, click “next” again to select or create a folder for the feed, and click “Ok” to return to the main window, where the new RSS feed will be displayed.

If RSS feeds appeal to you, you might consider following AAII’s RSS feeds. If you go to and click the RSS symbol in the AAII Model Portfolios row, for example, you will be taken to AAII’s Model Portfolio RSS feed. You can copy and paste the URL of any of AAII’s RSS feeds to add them to RssReader as described above.

Certain AAII RSS feeds, such as the SI Pro Data Updates and Computerized Investing feeds, are limited to paid subscribers. To add these feeds to RssReader, users can copy and paste the URL as normal. However, they will either have to be logged into the service on or use the authentication feature within RssReader. To authenticate within RssReader, users can right-click on an RSS feed subscription, select “Feed properties,” then check the “Use authentication” box near the bottom of the page. Users then enter their login name and password. RssReader uses this login information to access password-protected feeds without sending users to login at websites outside the reader.

One problem with RSS feeds is that they typically only show headlines and a few lines of each article. To see the full article, there is typically a link that will open the user’s default browser and take them to the website where the article is posted, which almost eliminates the need for an RSS reader. Therefore, the “Open headlines in preview window” feature in RssReader is a particularly useful one. This feature will open the article within RssReader without opening a browser, which allows users to easily read the full article.


System Requirements: Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 or 7

Size: 1.5MB

Price: Free







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