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Rylstim Budget

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Rylstim Budget is a calendar-based personal finance program designed to enable users to intuitively track their income and spending habits. Budget planning is also an integral part of the program, and with Rylstim Budget, the process is fairly painless. The program will notify you if your spending exceeds budgeted amounts, allowing you to make adjustments to better match your spending with budgeted amounts.

As you will notice when the program opens, the main page consists of five separate sections. The first section at the very top left of the window allows you to select the day. The section right below is the accounts section, displaying the balances for each of your accounts. This section also allows users to filter transactions by each account, and the filter will be applied to the calendar, monthly and category charts, printed reports and transactions window (all discussed later). The section below provides a monthly chart depicting a trend of your account value. The transactions section, which is at the bottom left of the window, presents aggregate transaction data. The final section is the calendar, which is located on the right and which provides each day’s transactions and opening and closing balances.

To personalize the program, start by going to the Project menu and selecting Accounts. You can configure the accounts that the program will track, such as cash at a banking institution. The program can also handle a multitude of currencies; however, you need to periodically update the conversion values, as it is not done automatically. Likewise, users are able to configure categories by selecting Categories from the Project menu. Here, users are able to match income and expense categories to better fit their personal income sources and spending patterns. Be sure to also set up a budget each expense category, as the program will show you the planning and actual income and expense differences in the budget report.

To set up transactions, simply right-click on the day in the main calendar and click New Transaction. As you enter transactions, select the appropriate expense category and Rylstim Budget will match the expense with your budget for that category. When your spending exceeds the budgeted amount, a small exclamation sign will appear above the expense date.

Rylstim Budget includes six reports that you can access by selecting Reports from the Tools menu. The Summary Report graphs your account value by day and lists your income and expenses, as well as the difference between actual and budgeted figures. There is also an accounts summary and a budget report, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of your actual income and expensive compared to your budgeted amounts. The spending by category report displays your monthly expenditures.

Rylstim Budget is a highly intuitive personal finance manager. We found the design to be clean, and personalizing the software is simple. The program costs $29.95 and comes with a 30-day trial.

Rylstim Budget

System Requirements: Windows 2000 operating system or newer, 7MB free disk space

Price: $29.95; free 30-day trial


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