Joe Lan, CFA is a former financial analyst for AAII.


Paul from CA posted over 3 years ago:

I love this new device, but will not buy it because it comes with an "embedded" SIM card. This may be the wave of the future, but I will resist the trend to make phones non-transferrable between networks as long as possible.

Charles Kaminski from WA posted over 3 years ago:

After nearly a decade with Blackberry's I made the leap to the Note II because of the screen size, larger "keyboard," and better useability. At the time, I decided to not purchase an iPad wondering if the Note's larger screen would provide the display detail I wanted.

I'm just over one month in and could not be happier. Also, I don't carry my notebook anymore and will not purchase an iPad - it would be totally unnecessary!

Good investing. CK

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