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Seeking Alpha Earnings Center

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Now that we find ourselves firmly in the middle of earnings season, it is a good idea to go over Seeking Alpha’s Earnings Center, which provides earnings call transcripts. Most investors are satisfied with the annual reports that are available on company websites, but some will prefer the added explanations that top executives make on earnings calls with analysts.

Earnings calls are conferences calls in which officials from a public company discuss the company’s financial results for a reporting period. Calls are usually conducted shortly after the financial statements are released. Top management is joined by analysts from major research firms and investment banks. The goal of the conference call is to provide additional information on how the company performed during the reporting period and to give management a chance to detail what to expect for future reporting periods.

Seeking Alpha’s Earning Center is one of the easiest-to-use and most comprehensive websites for earnings information. In order to navigate to the earnings center, click on “Earnings Center” at the top of the Seeking Alpha homepage. On the left-hand side, “Earnings Currents” provides up-to-the-minute blurbs on recent earnings activity and commentary. These blurbs offer links to main articles that further expand on the summaries.

Transcripts are found in the middle of the page. The transcripts are broken down into latest transcripts, most popular transcripts, and industry transcripts, which includes the basic materials, consumer goods, financial, health care, industrial, services and technology. Each transcript is separated into a transcript of the management’s presentation, a transcript of the question-and-answer session, and a list of conference call participants.

In addition, Seeking Alpha also provides links to the latest earnings articles and commentary on the right-hand side of the page. You can also search for a transcript by company name or symbol. Members of Seeking Alpha can sign up to have Earnings Center updates emailed directly to their inbox (membership is free).


Nancy from NC posted over 6 years ago:

Great article. I did not know about this site.

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