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| | | Add your comment! | A A   Reset, the personal finance website of The Wall Street Journal, can prove to be a vital tool for investors today. This personal finance resource offers a wealth of helpful tools as well as financial news and advice.

The sleek design of enhances the site’s readability. A box in the center of the site highlights five articles that are considered to be “must reads” as well as the five most popular articles.

Across the top of the home page are nine tabs: Home, Invest, Spend, Borrow, Plan, Retirement, Taxes, Tools and Answers. The right side of the page includes the most pertinent information to investors: the Investor Center. The Investor Center allows users to look at the different exchanges to get an overview of daily performance, create a watch list, create a portfolio and search for specific ticker symbols. The Map of the Market, also a part of the Investor Center, is a strong visual component of that shows the different sectors and their daily performance by highlighting them in green (up for the day) or red (down for the day). Below the Investor Center and Map of the Market is an Invest section, which highlights articles pertaining to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, markets, strategies and investing.

The Spend tab consists of articles pertaining to consumer spending, and its articles address technology, travel, real estate, autos and more. The Borrow tab includes articles involving credit cards, debt strategies, home loans and student loans. Another useful tab for investors is the Retirement tab, which offers retirement planning tools in addition to articles.

One of the most useful sections on the website is the Tools tab. provides financial tools for investors such as a buy or lease calculator, monthly payment calculator, bond calculator, college planning calculator, a variety of debt management calculators and many more useful personal finance applications for all ages.

The tools available on are free without registration, however, you can also register for a free account to personalize your home page as well as receive emails and updates.


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