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Stock Chart Wizard

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Stock Chart Wizard, this month’s featured download, allows you to easily create, analyze, tweak and export a range of stock charts. It boasts a clean design and straightforward functions. The program is a great tool for users looking for technical analysis to compliment their stock selection process.

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In order to create a chart, click on “New Chart” in the “File” menu and type in the ticker symbol. The data will download automatically. Specify the time period to chart by using the icons at the top. The program provides line, open/high/low/close, high/low/close and candlestick charts, and toggling through these various chart choices is as simple as clicking on their icons. The charts show the stock’s price through selected time periods and volume by default, but indicators such as moving average convergence/divergence (MACD), momentum, relative strength and stochastic can be added using chart options. A total of six indicators can be displayed. Further, you can plot simple moving average lines, exponential moving average lines and Bollinger Bands on each chart.

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Richard from NJ posted over 7 years ago:

What does this program off that does not offer for free??

David from MA posted over 7 years ago:

TD Ameritrade offers all this for free!

Denny from MN posted over 7 years ago:

What does this program offer that does not offer for free??

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