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Stock Quote

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Stock Quote from BiShiNews is a free app recommended to me by one of our members. With it you can track stocks, currencies, commodities and market indexes; create technical charts; track portfolio gains and losses; access financial news from news and social sites and more.


For those looking to track their holdings, you can set up portfolios in Stock Quote. You begin by naming your portfolio and then selecting a market. Currently there are 20 markets from which to choose, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Hong Kong, China and Israel. You can also enter the number of shares held, the price paid at purchase and commissions in order to track the gains and losses on the individual stocks and the overall portfolio. For viewing purposes, you can also specify the data displayed for the stocks in a given portfolio. Available data fields include current price; cost per share; original cost; daily volume; price-earnings (P/E) ratio; dividend yield; open, high and low price for the day; and dollar and percentage change for the day and since purchase. During the course of the trading day, prices are updated in real time.

From the portfolio view, you can tap on the ticker symbol to access information on the individual stock. You can create charts ranging from one or five days to up to five years. Unfortunately, you cannot plot any technical indicators or overlays on these charts. There are also news headlines from Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance, and you can track mentions of the stock on Twitter. Option chain data, as well as historical price information, is available for optionable stocks. You can also connect to a range of company and industry data via Yahoo! Finance.

With Stock Quote, you can also receive alerts when the price of a stock rises above or falls below a set price.

Indexes and Markets

From the Stock Quote home page you can choose from over 20 domestic and international indexes, including the Dow Jones industrial average, the NASDAQ, the Wilshire 5000, the UK FTSE 100, the France CAC 40, the Japan NIKKEI 225, and the Hong Kong HANG SENG. Tapping the Markets link takes you to a separate listing of all the indexes that Stock Quote tracks, where you can see the latest quote and the price change for the latest trading day (point and percentage). There are also separate tabs for Dow Jones industrial average components, selected ETFs, bonds, widely-held stocks, and mutual funds. You have the option of editing the symbols that appear on each of these tabs.


The News tab lists top news headlines from a variety of outlets, including the Associated Press, Bloomberg, CNN, Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal. You can also link to a variety of news sites, such as Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, CNN, and FOX Business. The Media tab links you to videos from YouTube, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters,, Bloomberg, and BBC. Stock Quote also allows you to track the Twitter feeds of The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money and Seeking Alpha, among others.

A unique feature of Stock Quote’s News section is the ability to look for news items by sector, subject and country.


The Futures section allows you to track commodities related to energy, metals, grains, livestock softs (cocoa, coffee, sugar, etc.), as well as index and bond futures.


Stock Quote also allows you to track the movement of the U.S. dollar against a number of world currencies, including the Japanese yen, the Canadian dollar, the Mexican peso and the Hong Kong dollar. The built-in currency converter allows you to convert hundreds of currencies based on current exchange rates. The app also allows you to search for news based on a particular currency.


Stock Quote pulls together a wide range of stock, index and futures data as well as news headlines and social media mentions, all in a single interface. Instead of “reinventing the wheel,” this useful app is an amalgamator of data and news provided at an array of other sites. Instead of having to go to several sites, you have it all at your fingertips with this app. While the interface isn’t the prettiest, the wealth of information it provides makes Stock Quote an app worth looking at if you have an Android device. Best of all, it’s free.

Stock Quote




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