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Stock Screening Articles

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AAII’s Download Library contains a collection of articles detailing how to build stock screens. These articles explain the basics of stock screens and how they can be used to help you with your investment endeavors. Being able to screen a universe of stocks for certain fundamental characteristics helps investors identify a manageable number of stocks that are appropriate for further investigation.

Stock screens can be built using any number of stock screening software programs. AAII offers a stock screening and fundamental database program called Stock Investor Pro, which includes over 60 screens that have been built by AAII over the years. This collection of articles available in the Download Library discusses how a number of them were built and the investment methodology behind each screen. These articles serve as a great introduction to stock screening.

Stock Screening Articles

System Requirements: PC or Mac

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Iqbal from OR posted over 6 years ago:

Where can I find hot links to stock screening?

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