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Stock Sector Monitor

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Stock Sector Monitor is a desktop program designed to help you monitor stock investments. The program lists over 7,000 stocks separated into over 200 industries and sub-industries.

There are several areas of Stock Sector Monitor that individual investors may find useful. Each of the companies is listed by its sub-industry within an industry category. For example, the automotive industry is divided into major manufacturers, auto parts, recreational vehicles, and trucks and other vehicles. The main section of the program presents each company’s current quote, price change, percentage price change, open, high, low and volume. You are able to sort each column to see which companies are trending upward or downward for the day.

Users can create a portfolio or watchlist of companies of interest. Stock Sector Monitor does not differentiate between portfolios and watchlists, calling them all “Groups.” In order to create a group of stocks, simply select “new group” from the file drop-down menu.

To add companies that are not currently in the program, select “add company” from the edit menu. You can add companies to any group of stocks, including groups that are preloaded into the program. You can also export quotes by selecting “export” from the file menu.

Stock Sector Monitor provides data directly from Yahoo! Finance. There are three additional sections linked for each stock—charts, news and reports. Clicking on these options will link you directly to the respective Yahoo! Finance Web page. For instance, selecting “news” will bring up Yahoo! Finance’s headlines page for that particular company.

Overall, Stock Sector Monitor is intuitive and provides a good way to monitor stocks, particularly for a watchlist. The internal links to Yahoo! Finance are a great feature. The program is free to try but costs $49.95 for the full version.

Stock Sector Monitor

System Requirements: Windows Operating System

Price: $49.95 with free trial



David from VA posted over 6 years ago:

Sounds like something I've been looking for. Let me know when it is available for the MAC.

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