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Stock Ticker Pro (Android)

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Stock Ticker Pro is a simple Android app that allows you track your favorite indexes and tickers via a scrolling ticker on your Android device. With Stock Ticker Pro, you can constantly keep track of the market without having to reopen a portfolio tracking app—the ticker is always visible on your display.


The app is available from the Android market for $0.99. After purchasing it and downloading it to your Android device (I tested it on a Galaxy Tab 10) you can begin customizing the look, location and content of the ticker.

Stock Ticker Pro runs as a wallpaper on your Android device. After loading it as the active wallpaper, you can customize it by tapping on its Settings menu. You can adjust the appearance of the ticker crawler by setting the scroll speed, ticker height, background transparency, and text brightness. You can also drag the ticker to position it exactly where you want it on the screen and indicate which home screens you want displayed. You can even set the days of the week and the time during the day that the ticker is displayed (for instance, during normal trading hours).

Lastly, you can pick the tickers you wish to display. According to Stock Ticker Pro’s developers, you can get quotes for almost any stock in the world. In the search window you can start typing a ticker or name and you are given a list of choices that match what you enter. Unfortunately the developers do not provide a complete list of Stock Ticker Pro’s coverage, but we saw a number of tickers and indexes from across the globe.


Stock Ticker Pro is a unique app in that you always see your favorite tickers on your Android screen, no matter what you are doing. For hardcore stock market junkies, these “always-on” quotes mean you don’t have to keep switching apps to get a market update. And unlike the free “Lite” version, the Pro’s $0.99 price tag spares you from being bombarded with ads.

Stock Ticker Pro (Android)




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