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Stock Watcher

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With Stock Watcher, you can set up a number of portfolios to track stocks and indexes from around the world. Data entry is very easy—just type in the company name or ticker, and the app will display a list of stocks or indexes matching your entry. Our only complaint with this process is you cannot enter multiple tickers at the same time, so you have to repeat the search for each stock or index you wish to track.

Stock Data

When you select an individual stock from a portfolio, you are taken to its Details tab, which is a detailed quotes page. Quotes are delayed 15 to 20 minutes during the course of the trading day, and there is no option to upgrade to real-time quotes. The data available on the Details tab includes last trade, bid/ask, one-year estimated target price, 52-week high/high, market cap, dividend per share and yield.

The News tab offers news from a variety of sources. Some of the premium news sources that are available include The Wall Street Journal, The Motley Fool, Associated Press,, and

An interesting feature of Stock Watcher is the Twitter tab, where you can track mentions of the stock on the Twitter social media outlet.

Lastly, the Chart tab offers either an intraday or end-of-day price chart for a stock or index. Intraday charts are available for one or five days, while end-of-day chart spans range from three months to as far back as 1984 (when available). You can choose between line, bar and candlestick charts and select from several popular technical indicators, including Bollinger bands, Parabolic SAR, MACD, Money Flow, RSI, and stochastics. You can also save your settings, so you don’t have to customize them each time you use the app.

If you are looking for even more information on a stock, you can go to its Yahoo! Finance page from within the Stock Watcher app.


Stock Watcher allows you to track markets from around the globe, including Canada, the U.K., Germany, Italy, Singapore and India. As with individual stocks, you can access detailed quotes, news, Twitter feeds and charts for indexes. In addition, you can go directly to an index’s Yahoo! Finance page from within the app.

Market Movers

Finally, you can track the most active stocks during the trading day (by both volume and price change) from the Market Movers area of the app. You have access to the most active stocks from U.S. markets—NASDAQ, Amex, NYSE or Dow Jones—as well as international markets.


Stock Watcher is a good application for Android users looking for a simple stock tracking tool. This app is purely a tracking tool, not a portfolio management application. With it you have access to the depth of information Yahoo! Finance has come to be known for, including quality news headlines. In this day of social media, we especially like the Twitter news feed for individual tickers. We will definitely be keeping Stock Watcher installed on our Motorola Xooms.

Stock Watcher for Android

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