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StockFlix is an online service that selects stocks based on advanced pattern recognition algorithms, which the company developed by itself from the ground up. The website is best suited for traders who do not have time to perform their own technical analysis, who would like a second opinion on their decisions or who are simply looking for new ideas. In essence, StockFlix simplifies the difficult process of technical analysis for its users.

StockFlix posts its stock picks before every trading day in the “Today’s Picks” tab. There are four categories: Reverse to positive, Reverse to negative, Continue to positive and Continue to negative. Stocks in the Reverse to positive section have sold off recently and StockFlix expects a rally, whereas stocks in the Reverse to negative section have rallied and the website expects a sell-off. StockFlix expects stocks in the Continue to positive or negative sections to continue their current trends (i.e., rally or sell-off). Selecting a stock from the list will open its chart, which illustrates the pattern behind the expectation and displays the reversal and continuation statistical probabilities in an elegant and easy-to-follow format.

In the Forecast tab, users can search for almost any stock and see its chart and pattern. The only difference between the information on this tab and on the tab previously mentioned is that here the user gets to search for his own investments.

The most interesting feature on StockFlix resides in the Search tab. Here users can draw their own patterns and search for stocks that are currently displaying them or use classic patterns such as Head & Shoulders and Upward Break. Investments that match the pattern are presented near the bottom of the page. Time Machine is another interesting feature in the Search tab, as it allows users to identify historical patterns in almost any stock. The website will also load other companies that displayed a similar pattern.

Nevertheless, the potential use is to look up the pattern of stocks that recently experienced a rally, save the pattern and use it as a predictor of rallies in other investments. Aside from the problem of seeing patterns everywhere, the service also overlooks some key strategies in technical analysis. That is, StockFlix seems to rely on the short-term pattern, while discarding concepts such as support and resistance. One stock may rally because it is following a pattern, while another may just be hitting support.

StockFlix provides users with three options to access its service. As a guest, the user is anonymous, can only see four of the day's picks and is only able to analyze one stock. As a free registered user (no credit card required), the user can see eight of the day's picks, analyze stocks and search with classic patterns. The premium plan gives the user full access for $12 per month on an annual plan.


Price: Free with and without registration; premium use for $12 per month on an annual plan


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