Computerized Investing > May 18, 2013

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Developed by TWO-N Inc., presents and classifies large collections of stocks or other financial instruments through an at-a-glance heat map view of the market. The site also displays detailed quotes, news feeds and historical graphs.

The website was created to be visually appealing to investors, presenting data in a readable fashion. The homepage displays a large heat map of the New York Stock Exchange composite index, and presents the component stock tickers sorted by their price percentage increase or decrease and highliighted in green (up), white (flat) or red (down). All the market data is delayed by 20 minutes. You can sort the map by ticker symbol, percentage change, volume or market cap. At the bottom of the homepage, there is a chart showing how many stocks are up versus how many are down for a given index. The top of the page shows index data as well as a sector breakdown, so investors can see how each sector is performing. By clicking on a sector, the heat map will show the data as well as the percentage change graph of only that sector.

You can move your mouse over any individual stock on the heat map to get market metrics for the selected stock. If the user clicks on the stock, a page displaying charts and stock-related headlines will pop up. allows you to click on any particular headline and be brought to that page to read the full story. The version of that pops up when you first reach the website only displays the NYSE and the S&P 500 indexes, but the site can be configured to display any collection of financial instruments. Overall, the holistic presentation of the data and ability to customize the heat map makes a useable resource for investors.


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