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Stockpickr is a wholly owned subsidiary of TheStreet, which is best known for its founder, former hedge fund manager and current Mad Money Presenter Jim Cramer. Stockpickr combines social networking with stock investment ideas to create a professional, yet incredibly open and useful, service. Registered members are able to create and share multiple portfolios on the website, including a description of the portfolio and their reasons for choosing particular stocks. Members can follow other users as well as user-generated portfolios and even professional portfolios, such as those of Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn.

The Community section of Stockpickr is one of the most useful areas of the website, as it allows users to share ideas, get feedback and ask questions. This section can also be useful for those seeking potential investments. In his book, “One Up on Wall Street,” Peter Lynch explains that a great place to start investing is with companies you know well for a reason outside of investing, such as if you shop at a particular store over its competitors. The next best thing is to listen to another’s story or opinion about a certain company outside the context of investing. The forums on Stockpickr are full of such stories. For instance, one member wrote about his experience at Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD), saying that he was impressed by how busy the restaurant chain he went to was. With so many publicly traded companies to choose from, such stories are a great way to bring potentially successful investments into your radar.

Stockpickr also offers tools that some investors may find useful. If an investor, such as Jim Cramer, likes to buy stocks on the pullback after they hit new highs, Stockpickr’s 52-Week High tool, which shows the biggest stocks that make their 52-week-high list, may be a valuable tool. Moreover, Stockpickr recently added a Fundamentals tab to its lists and portfolios, which allows users to quickly and easily see some important fundamental information about each company, such as their price-earnings ratio and average trading volume. If an investor’s strategy involves betting on positive earnings announcements, he may find the Earnings Announcements tool quite useful. Other tools include analyst upgrades and downgrades, insider buying and selling, Cramer’s daily “Lightning Round” decisions from Mad Money, ex-dividend stocks and more.

One of the least useful sections of Stockpickr is the articles, which mostly highlight potential investments. Although investors may benefit from checking out the articles before making an investment, basing their decisions on the articles alone may not be wise. Since many of the articles are based on technical analysis, which tends to be a trading strategy as opposed to a buy-and-hold strategy, it might be better to learn to perform your own technical analysis before basing your decisions on these articles, especially since knowing when to get in and out quickly makes all the difference with this strategy. This is nearly impossible to accomplish with articles because they are already old by the time you read them and the author may not follow up, particularly if the idea was a loss. However, the articles may be helpful to those interested in learning about technical analysis, as they can read the trader’s reasoning behind his or her trade idea and see how it pans out in reality.

Stockpickr is a free resource that many investors may find useful. Content on Stockpickr is available without registering, but registration is free, easy and allows you to create your own profile, share your portfolios, participate in forums and follow other users and portfolios.


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