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Portfolio tracker for Android devices that syncs with Google Finance.

Recently we reviewed Stock Watcher, an Android app that allows you to track your portfolios. This week we review another such app, Stocks from Dato. Very similar to Stock Watcher, Stocks has the added benefit of syncing with your Google Finance account so you can track your portfolios without having to recreate them.


With Stocks you can set up an unlimited number of portfolios. It supports markets in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, the U.K. and more. Setting up new portfolios and adding symbols to a portfolio is very easy, and you can track indexes, stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Since Stocks syncs with your Google Finance account, any portfolios you had previously set up will appear in your portfolio list. Also, any changes you make to an existing portfolio, as well as new portfolios you create within the app, will be reflected in your Google Finance account if you view it on the Web or with a different app.

Using Stocks on my Motorola Xoom, I was not able to access either portfolio transaction histories or aggregate portfolio gain/loss statistics for the current trading day—despite claims that the app supports these features.

Data & News

When you select an individual ticker you are taken to a page with summary financial data, a price chart and related news. Here you will find intraday and 52-week high and low prices (when applicable), daily and average volume, market cap, per-share dividend and yield, and earnings per share.

Charting with the app is very basic—only a line chart with no technical indicators or line studies. You can specify a time period of one day to five years or more.

News stories are available from a number of sources, including Reuters, Bloomberg, Seeking Alpha and Here, however, it appears that the app only offers a fixed number of stories for any given stock, which means that if a stock is featured in many stories, news may only go back a day or two.


Compared to Stock Watcher, Stocks isn’t nearly as robust. However, if you have portfolios set up with Google Finance, this is an app that might interest you. It is disappointing that you cannot access transaction histories or portfolio gain/loss. In the meantime, users will have to be satisfied with being able to track their Google portfolios without having to re-enter them in the app.

Stocks for Android


Price: Free


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