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StockShareV2 is an excellent end-of-day (EOD) stock charting application that runs on the Windows operating system. As with most charting programs, StockShareV2 is primarily geared for technical analysis because it offers a variety of overlays and indicators, such as a visual Fibonacci calculator and stochastics. What sets the software apart from its competitors is its ease of use as well as the tab function. With the tab function, users can create a variety of tabs that explore different aspects of a security and its chart, which makes it easy and efficient for analyzing a wealth of technical information. For instance, one tab can be devoted to momentum indicators, while another can be devoted to trend analysis.

Since StockShareV2 uses free data sources and has no real-time data options, the program is best suited for traders who have a longer time horizon than intraday traders. In fact, the program is ideal for investors who are interested in incorporating some technical analysis in their security selection, such as fundamental investors who use charts to find an ideal entry point.

One simple feature that many overlook at first, but later find to be surprisingly useful, is that the program’s charts are not strictly bound by time. Many otherwise remarkable charting programs only display charts up to the most recent data point, while StockShareV2 allows for some empty space so that chartists can expand their trendlines into the future. This is particularly useful for those new to technical analysis, as it allows them to see if their trends or predictions were correct.

Unfortunately, charting is about the only thing the program does well. Users will notice a variety of sought-after features under the View tab, such as news, company profile and research, but will be disappointed to see that it merely opens a Yahoo! Finance screen to the appropriate section. Although this may be helpful to some, others would rather not pay $349.99 for such a minor convenience.

Those who find StockShareV2 lacking in features may find solace in the plug-in feature of the program. Each plug-in focuses on a particular method, such as Woods Float Turnover, Reif True Swing charts, Elder indicators and MIDAS (market interpretation/data analysis system). Unfortunately, the plug-ins tend to cost more than the program itself, with the David Reif’s Swing Chart plug-in being the most expensive at $1,499.99.

Those interested in exploring StockShareV2 further should go to and sign up for a free 30-day trial. The trial does not require a credit card, but registering is necessary in order to receive the activation code and download instructions.

StockShare Publishing LLC

System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7

Size: 23MB

Price: $349.99; free 30-day trial (requires registering at


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