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On-screen Android keyboard app supports “swype" typing and predictive auto-fill.

While there is no doubt that smartphones make our lives easier, typing out text messages or emails on a glass touch screen can be a frustrating proposition. If you have an Android smartphone, however, SwiftKey Keyboard is a pay app that supports “swype” typing and predictive auto-fill that adapts to your speech patterns.

After you purchase and download SwiftKey from Google Play, you can set up the app to replace your device’s on-screen keyboard. The app supports 60 languages, including several with non-Latin character sets.

The app recently added support for SwiftKey Flow, which uses “swype” or gesture-input technology to input words and phrases on a touch screen. On an Android device, swype-style typing is where you drag your finger over keys to spell words instead of tapping them out. Those who have Android phones swear by this method of typing as something that is much faster than traditional tap-typing.

To speed up your typing even further, SwiftKey supports an adaptive, personalized prediction engine that suggests words as you type. As your start inputting a word or phrase, the app offers real-time predictions based on your past speech patterns. Predictions are offered in three slots above the keyboard—the best “guess” and the top two runners-up. The app uses an advanced language model gleaned from common words and phrases used on the Internet. SwiftKey even attempts to identify where spaces may have been missed across multiple words. So, for example, ‘lijwrjis’ gives you ‘like this’ in the prediction bar. The prediction engine is also adaptive, which means the more you use the app, the more accurate the predictions become.

We are a huge fan of free apps, and rarely pay for an app unless it offers something truly unique or if it is truly helpful. SwiftKey Keyboard for Android is one of those apps. Anything that improves typing on a touch screen is worth the money. In the case of SwiftKey, the swype-type technology and adaptive prediction engine will undoubtedly make typing on your Android device much easier.

SwiftKey Keyboard for Android



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