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M from VA posted over 4 years ago:

I have been a FOOL member since 2005 and it has served me well.
They have almost 1/2M paying customers - that says something about the service they provide. Their only business is to sell stock investing advice (but they did start a Mutual Fund last year which is a separate entity). They are not a brokerage and do not sell anything they recommend.
RIGHT NOW, they are starting a new service called SUPERNOVA. You can see about it by going to the web site: They are having a 7-day introductory sale price. This will normally cost $2,000/yr. But during the introductory sale, it is $2,000 for 3-years AND there is a complete money back guarantee during the first YEAR! Folks this is a real deal. The offer closes at midnight Tuesday 27 March. You can get free advice all over the web. You have to pay for quality.
I have also been a Life member of AAII since the 70's.

BK from VA posted over 3 years ago:

I've found the portfolio set-up on the best-for my purposes at least. Each portfolio has a multitude of categories that I believe useful. Quite frankly, it is far superior to what AAII offers on its website!
For me, one of the best of the categories is "annualized gain." No longer do I have to sweat out the fomula calculation. For any "extras" like streaming quotes, etc., I find Scottrade a help.

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