Cara Scatizzi is a former associate financial analyst at AAII.


David from AL posted over 4 years ago:

I have a current version of SIP. The formula for the custom field in not valid when I copied and pasted it:IIF([EPS Cont-Growth 5yr]>=10,1,0)+IIF([Sales-Growth 5yr]>=10,1,0)+IIF([Free Cash Flow-Growth 5yr]>=10,1,0)+
IIF([Equity (common) Growth-5yr]>=10,1,0)+IIF([ROIC - Avg 5yr]>=10,1,0)+IIF([LT debt/free cash flow 12m]<=3,1,0)

Please verify this and post any correction needed. The formulas for the custom fields are greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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