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Charles from MD posted over 3 years ago:

One very important criteria for me in choosing a technical analysis software package is for the charting data to be adjusted for distributions. Unfortunately, FreeStockCharts and BigCharts do not do not do this. FSC/TC2000 do adjust their charts for mutual funds (BigCharts may also but I am not certain) but not for stocks and ETFs. For those of us who rely on accurate price charts, this is a major issue because your indicators will give false readings. Of your list here, the only one that does adjust their charts to reflect distributions is StockCharts.com. I use TC2000 now but I am looking for a replacement because of this issue. In my mind, if your technical analysis software is not providing accurate price charts, then what good is it, particularly if your analysis is exclusively technical. For fundamental analyst, this would not be a big issue. Peace!

Jim Newman from NC posted over 3 years ago:

Ameritrade platform (notably their "Thinkorswim" software) covers all technical analysis studies and strategies. And you can backtest your models. I highly recommend it - although you'll need to open an account with them. I'm sure other brokerages offer the same or something similar, but the "Thinkorswim" software and their "Trade Architect" browser are great tools. Happy trading!

Carl Arnheiter from NY posted over 2 years ago:

Ameritrade and their "Thinkorswim" software are lax with adjusting when stocks have a distribution, I would not trust.

Lew Glenn from California posted over 2 years ago:

I have been using the first website you listed, barchart.com,for some time and find it has very comprehensive coverage. It's not one of the 3 you picked. Why?

K Kuehn from FL posted over 2 years ago:

Over the last three years and in response to repeated queries, Ameritrade stated each time that they do not adjust their current or historical data for distributions. Hence, the TOS charts are misleading. Maybe someday they will change.

B Challburg from CA posted over 2 years ago:

Today is Dec 7th, 2013.

Why is the top article in Computerized Investing today and regularly "Top Technical Analysis & Charting sites" which was originally published the 1st qtr of 2013?

Do we have anything current to be published in Computerized Investing?

Robert Calcagno from NJ posted over 2 years ago:

Has Computerized Investing analyzed Vector Vest as compared to Metastock, TC 2000 and others? If yes, where can I find the results?

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