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TraderStar 1.1

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TraderStar is a comprehensive technical analysis program designed for any investor. Users can choose between a free, but limited, version of the program and an inexpensive, enhanced Pro version. Both versions are capable of analyzing stocks, funds, options and futures from 40 of the world’s major stock exchanges, and in four different languages: English, Spanish, Russian and German. Through separate downloads, the program is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

With TraderStar, traders can chart almost any investment and customize it with a variety of overlays and indicators for technical analysis. The list of available indicators is very comprehensive, with even more indicators available for download on TraderStar’s website. To access the website, select the “More Indicators” button in the Indicators tab.

To illustrate just how comprehensive the indicator options are, curious investors can purchase moon and zodiac indicators on TraderStar’s website, which proudly proclaims they are the first indicators of their kind. Whether these types of indicators are useful is for individuals to decide; however, if they are the first of their kind, the market likely does not hold them in high esteem, which may indicate their irrelevance. TraderStar also allows programmers to create their own indicators in JavaScript and use the program’s built-in debugger to ensure they work correctly.

One interesting feature in particular is Candle Guru. This tab allows users to select from a list of chart patterns, such as Doji and ThreeBlackCrows, and have the program search for them in any chart. The Pro version lets users access all of the patterns, while the free version only allows access to Doji and Harami. Users who prefer their own pattern recognition methods can use the Draw feature to manually draw trend lines, for instance.

Other free features include a built-in economic calendar, market news feed and real-time currency converter. Premium features, which are only available on the Pro version, include a stock screener, backtester and real-time quote monitor. Since the abundance of features can be a bit overbearing, the program offers a Help Wiki page and a variety of video tutorials to help users navigate it.

TraderStar 1.1 is far from perfect, but it offers many distinctive features that traders might like to try. Moreover, the program is constantly being updated based on user feedback, meaning that it should only get better. Arguably, the program’s main flaw is the disconcerting feeling one gets when using it. That is, the program is very inexpensive given all the features it claims. For instance, it is difficult to find a real-time quote service for under $10 per month, yet the Pro version of TraderStar, which only costs about $18 a year, claims to offer real-time price change monitoring.


Windows Download

Mac Download

System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, or Linux; Graphics Card: 32MB; RAM: 512 MB; Processor: up P3 600MHz; Sound Card: 16-bit Soundcard; Internet connection for the activation.

Price: Free; approximately $18 per year for Pro version


John from NY posted over 5 years ago:

Unable to get download of TradeStar 1.1. After pressing MAC Download, I'm switched out of Safari into Firefox and nothing happens. (?)

Michael from ID posted over 5 years ago:

Windows version does not want to install on 64bit Windows 7. It does not appear as though to the program installer does not even attempt to install as a 32 bit version.

Richard l. from IL posted over 5 years ago:

Mac version of download is not working. Safari gives this error message:

Safari can't find the file.
No file exists at the address: "/sessions/create"

Jonathan from IL posted over 5 years ago:

The Mac download has been fixed. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the download.

David from MA posted over 5 years ago:

Could not download due to "integrity"

Nishith from MI posted over 5 years ago:

I am using Windows 7 64 bit. The system came up with a warning saying Tradestar1.1.exe is an harmful program and cannot be installed. I use AVG antivirus software, wonder if it is due to that.

W Cikanek from IA posted over 5 years ago:

Won't pass AVG integrity check, so I cannot use. Win 7 SP1 fully patched with AVG 2012.0.2193, updated today. What's the prognosis for a fix?

Jonathan Pucek from IL posted over 5 years ago:

TraderStar 1.1 was scanned with Avast and no threats were found. Is AVG actually saying there is a virus or is it just that many AVG users haven't downloaded it? For instance, Norton will warn users that a program may be dangerous just because not many Norton users have downloaded it before.

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