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Trading Economics

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Trading Economics provides historical data on economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, and government bond yields for over 200 different countries. The data provided by the website come from sources such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, government central banks and national statistics bureaus and is frequently checked for accuracy.

Trading Economics’ home page provides a “heat map” and a table that offers a range of economic data on various geographic regions. Economic data that can be presented on the main page include year-over-year stock price change, currency change, bond change, GDP growth, and inflation; quarter-over-quarter GDP growth; and jobless rates, to name just a few. Geographical regions include World, Europe, different regions in Asia and the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific region.

Each country’s economic data is also provided. The list of countries covered can be accessed by clicking on Countries at the top of the page. The data provided are separated by the entity from which the data is supplied. For instance, categories of data offered for the United States include National Statistical Data such as Balance of Trade, Current Account and Unemployment Rate; Federal Reserve Data such as Consumer Price Index (further broken down by industry), Gross Domestic Product (further broken down by state), and per capita personal income; International Monetary Fund data and statistics; and World Bank Data. The amount of data provides for each country is impressive.

The Indicators tab at the top of the home page allows users to see country and regional data on several commonly used economic indicators, including GDP growth rate, interest rate rank, jobless rate rank, and numerous World Bank indicators. Each separate page allows users to choose the region. Charts are provided that show the top countries for the economic indicator selected. The table at the bottom of the page shows the data for each country in the selected region and can be exported into Excel. News for the related economic indicator is provided at the bottom of the page.

Trading Economics’ final section—Markets—lists regional and country data for exchange rates, stock markets, government bonds and commodities. On the exchange rates page, the current exchange rate and the weekly, monthly, yearly and year-to-date percentage change for each current pair is provided. In addition, a chart is shown, and the data in the table can be exported. Similar data is offered on the stock market, government bonds and commodities pages.

Trading Economics provides a wealth of economic data free of charge. The website offers a convenient aggregation of numerous reports released by government bureaus around the world.


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