Computerized Investing > May 4, 2013
| | | Add your comment! | A A   Reset is a website geared toward individuals who use charting as a component of security analysis and portfolio management. After signing up as a free member, you can create charts using the program’s charting program, then share ideas and get feedback from other TradingView users.

When charting, objects will pull up a context-sensitive menu that lets you change relevant options. Indicators can be dragged and dropped, and charts can be resized in both time and price directions. This allows for thorough analysis customization. TradingView charts can then be published and viewed by other users, and good trading ideas are featured in the TradingView gallery. Ideas are easily shared to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social-networking platforms. There is an Instant Chart Snapshot, which takes a photo of your chart without you having to install any other screenshot software.

TradingView is unique in that it can be accessed on any device, mobile and PC. Personal data is safe and secure due to the software’s cloud-computing feature. This site can be useful for many investors who follow charts for technical analysis.


Price: Free for basic membership; $19.95/month real-time pro service


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