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James Ranum from FL posted over 3 years ago:

Almost every time I download any of these things from your website, they don't load or work.
Why are they exe files for an Excel spreadsheet? This one caused a Runtime Error in Visual C++. "This applicationhas requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way."

Really annoying when you make it sound like something that can benefit me and then it doesn't work. Are you guys a branch of the government?

Daniel Ekstrand from IL posted over 3 years ago:

I agree with James. First of all, I have a MacBook and pretty well knew it would not work when I read system requirements. Tried it anyway to no surprises there. Why not simply load the .xls file? I can get into it on my Mac. Also, it appears that you don't like Macs anyway as I can't purchase the stock software as it only runs on a Windows system. Would be nice if it were easier.

Bob Pajak from MA posted over 3 years ago:

I had the same problem. How can I open this spreadsheet and save on my pc?? Thanks, Bob

Athan Skroumbelds from NJ posted over 3 years ago:

I couldn't open the exe file. I got a run time error

Allan Lozier from NE posted over 3 years ago:

I also receive the Runtime Error in Visual C++. When I click on the icon that appears on my desktop I get another box that tells me......This is not a valid Win32 application.

How do I solve this issue???

CI Staff from IL posted over 3 years ago:

The issue has been fixed! Thank you for letting us know about your concerns.

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