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VueMinder Lite

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VueMinder Lite is a thorough Windows calendar application that can set desktop reminders, overlay multiple calendars and subscribe to Web calendars. Although there are many other popular applications such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, VueMinder offers more features to effectively and seamlessly manage your schedule. These unique features include the ability for users to share calendars on a local area network, subscribe to any calendar that follows the iCalendar format or sync with multiple Google calendars.

The calendar allows you to customize the font and colors used. VueMinder also allows you to create multiple calendars, for example if you want to use separate calendars for work and your personal life. VueMinder also can break your schedule into categories, with each category color-coded. There is a section for contacts too, if you’d like to store contact emails, addresses or phone numbers to the calendar.

The application is visually appealing and very sleek. A neat feature is that the calendar can act as a background for your desktop; you can control the opacity of the application to avoid it becoming a distraction. From the desktop, you can easily click on the date and Add Event. The view can switch from daily, weekly or monthly. Reminders can be set to play media files or recite text-to-speech descriptions.

Another highlight of VueMinder Lite is that you can choose to sync your calendar with any public calendar, holidays, sports schedules, religious occasions and more. You can also sync your calendar with any professional sports calendar. For example, you can integrate the complete NFL schedule in your calendar or just a specific team’s schedule. If a football game is on, simply click on the date and it’ll show where it is taking place, what time it starts and what TV network it is playing on.

VueMinder is a simple, but comprehensive calendar application. It is easy to use and provides an efficient way to manage users’ daily lives. It is similar to an Outlook calendar, but has more to offer in terms of customization and presentation. There are three versions of VueMinder: Lite, Pro and Ultimate. The Lite version is free, but offers limited features in comparison to the other two versions. VueMinder Pro and Ultimate both offer free trials.

VueSoft LLC

System Requirements: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8.

Size: 14.45MB

Price: Free for Lite; $49.95 for Pro; $79.95 for Ultimate


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