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Robert from Colorado posted about 1 year ago:

Welcome to the "new" USA; a third world country with no equal...

If the American public would start voting with their wallets there would be change.

If you are unhappy with AT&T, or any of a long and growing list of American GREED

Robert from Colorado posted about 1 year ago:

continued from previous:

companies, stop doing buisness with them, and stop whinning.

As long as the U.S. population more closely resemble sheep than intellect, the race to the bottom will continue.


Bob Bowker

Wayne Gulden from Ohio posted 7 days ago:

AT&T doesn't throttle just unlimited plans. I had 6mb DSL and noticed it dropped to a very consistent 2mb just a month before AT&T started marketing u-verse in our town.

As Bob says, I voted with my wallet.

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