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Bill Needham from CO posted over 3 years ago:

I use it and like it. How much it actually improves the network speed is hard to tell without measurement. Have not used it to find an open network on the road.

David Nelson from MD posted over 3 years ago:

I agree with the recommendation of Wifi Analyzer. I use it to map the coverage of my own networks, to identify interference with other networks, and to find open Wifi services while travelling. It isn't an app that most will use every day, but it's very handy when you need it.

Carl from IL posted over 3 years ago:

I use Wifi Analyzer quite frequently. It's a great way to see the coverage of networks, and a whole host of additional information about wireless.

In addition to that, it also shows hidden SSIDs.

I would also recommend the use of Fing to see what hosts are on a network.

Fred Brockman from FL posted over 3 years ago:

This is a 5 star app that I have been using for a year or two. Shows you clearly who's out there, what channels are in use and relative signal strengths. You can use it to: 1) find strong signal locations at Starbucks or the airport, 2) see if you and your neighbor are conflicting on the same channel, 3) check signal strength throughout your home, 4) entertainment as passenger while driving around. If you have technoweenie tendencies there is plenty of detail to drill down into. And yes, Fing is good too.

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