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Turn your Android device into a Wi-Fi analyzer.

Oftentimes, areas have over 50 active Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity at any given time. With all of these networks competing for bandwidth, sometimes that “high-speed” Internet connection isn’t so high speed. With Wifi Analyzer, you can use your Android tablets to analyze your Wi-Fi network and help configure it for optimal connectivity.

The free app is available from Google Play. After downloading it and installing it, Wifi Analyzer opens, showing a list of available wireless networks along with their signal strength. The app provides a numerical indication of each network’s signal strength, which means nothing to most people. However, the bar graph presentation clearly shows which networks are the strongest. Another nice feature is that the app indicates whether a network is “locked”; if it is not locked you might be able to connect to the wireless network without having to provide a username or password. This is especially nice if you are traveling and looking for an “open” Wi-Fi network.

There is also a needle graph that shows the signal strength of a chosen wireless network. The graph ranges in color from gray (weak) to yellow (moderate) to green (strong).

If you are more technically inclined, there is also a graph that shows the channels each local Wi-Fi network is using. If you are in an area where there are a lot of Wi-Fi networks, you would ideally like to have your network using channels other networks aren’t. Your Wi-Fi network could be competing with many other networks across the same channels. Switching it to channels where there is less competition may provide a marked improvement in your Wi-Fi performance.

While Wifi Analyzer isn’t for everyone, it is a useful app for those looking to optimize their wireless network or identify an open network while on the road.

Wifi Analyzer for Android




Bill Needham from CO posted over 5 years ago:

I use it and like it. How much it actually improves the network speed is hard to tell without measurement. Have not used it to find an open network on the road.

David Nelson from MD posted over 5 years ago:

I agree with the recommendation of Wifi Analyzer. I use it to map the coverage of my own networks, to identify interference with other networks, and to find open Wifi services while travelling. It isn't an app that most will use every day, but it's very handy when you need it.

Carl from IL posted over 5 years ago:

I use Wifi Analyzer quite frequently. It's a great way to see the coverage of networks, and a whole host of additional information about wireless.

In addition to that, it also shows hidden SSIDs.

I would also recommend the use of Fing to see what hosts are on a network.

Fred Brockman from FL posted over 5 years ago:

This is a 5 star app that I have been using for a year or two. Shows you clearly who's out there, what channels are in use and relative signal strengths. You can use it to: 1) find strong signal locations at Starbucks or the airport, 2) see if you and your neighbor are conflicting on the same channel, 3) check signal strength throughout your home, 4) entertainment as passenger while driving around. If you have technoweenie tendencies there is plenty of detail to drill down into. And yes, Fing is good too.

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