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XLQ delivers free live, intraday and historical worldwide stock market data. Data can be used in XLQ, xlqCompanion, MS Excel and other programs, or with programming languages through a COM interface from Yahoo! and MSN. With more than 300 formulas available, XLQ can maintain a portfolio or perform personalized in-depth stock analysis. In addition to real-time market data updated from the Internet, XLQ also provides an Excel interface for all data from AAII’s Stock Investor Pro.

Computerized Investing Editor Wayne A. Thorp, CFA, wrote an in-depth article on XLQ and its many features that can be found here:

For more information, you can visit the QMatix website: You can get $25 off when purchasing XLQ through the QMatix website by entering the discount code “AAII-SIP” when checking out.

XLQ 4.51

System Requirements: Windows 95 or newer; Excel 97 or newer

Price: $84 initial fee, $31/year for XLQlite; $139 initial fee, $54/year for XLQplus; free 45-day trial



Bill Roberts from CA posted over 6 years ago:

I need a database that I can use to populate a spreadsheet using Visual Basic Macros. I can do this now using QuotesPlus database, but it very inacurate and probably going out of business.
For example:
For days = -maxdays To 0 Step 1
Rowno = Rowno + 1
If QP_Date(days, Symbol) = "N/A" Then Exit For
Cells(Rowno, "A") = days
Cells(Rowno, "B") = QP_Date(days, Symbol)
Cells(Rowno, "C") = QP_Open(days, Symbol)
Cells(Rowno, "D") = QP_High(days, Symbol)
Cells(Rowno, "E") = QP_Low(days, Symbol)
Cells(Rowno, "F") = QP_Close(days, Symbol)
Can I do this with any version of XLQ (end of day data only)? TIA Bill Roberts

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