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XLQ: Excel Spreadsheet Add-In

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by Wayne A. Thorp

Without a doubt, the Internet has provided a tremendous boost to individual investors in terms of the amount of information we have at our disposal. Bring up almost any investment Web site and you have access to stock quotes, fundamental ratios and multiples, financial statement data, earnings estimates, and more.

For me, however, one of the biggest failures of the Internet has been the lack of this same data in a form where the end user can manipulate it in either a database or spreadsheet program for free. To be sure, many financial Web sites, such as Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money offer free historical price data going back many years. However, you are only able to pull up one ticker at a time and this lack of “batch processing” makes it time-prohibitive to rely on these sites for maintaining a database on many stocks.

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Gary from TX posted over 7 years ago:

You might also want to look at "Stock Quotes for Excel" from Jabsoft ( - have found it to be even better...

Randy from AZ posted over 7 years ago:

I have a free open-source add-in:

William from AZ posted over 6 years ago:

I have been using msnsq from Microsoft for years with all editions of Excel. It is no longer available from Microsoft but you may be able to find it by doing a search on the internet or if you have a friend with the file. This was free and worked well. I do not know why MS no longer makes it available

Robert from CO posted over 6 years ago:

I would like to see Stock Investor Pro interoperate with Excel better, and/or a downloadable data base for Excel from AAII.

William from CA posted over 6 years ago:

Does XLQ allow me to download stock data and run Visual Basic programs? I get end of day data from Then I convert it to metastock format automatically). Once I have it in metastock format, I use Metalib5.0 (from to run my VB programs. I have not found any program that does what I want, other than Metalib5.0

Patrick from PA posted over 6 years ago:

I have to agree with Randall from Arizona, why pay for a website when the links provided on free open-source add-in:
Once you sign up for free, this group is the home base for the Stock Market Functions add-in developed by Randy Harmelink. This add-in contains a number of user defined functions for EXCEL that can allow data to be extracted and/or retrieved from the web and placed directly into EXCEL cells or ranges.
I have used many of the reports for over 2 years
, designed by users and myself which provide everything needed to make informed investment decisions. Wish Computerized Investing staff would look and comment.
Pat McGinnis

Jake from CA posted over 4 years ago:

I definitely recommend trying Randy's add-in before you pay for anything. I bet they both use the same data sources and functionality if likely very similar.

MarkP from CA posted over 4 years ago:

I think the unique thing for XLQ is that it can interface to the AAII SIPro database. For me, that is a nice feature.

William J McKibbin from PA posted over 3 years ago:

What I really like about XLQ is its capability to access Stock Investor Pro. That's huge for me.

Bruce Wendorf from MN posted 6 months ago:

Is XLQ still around and available?

Robert Baran from IL posted 3 months ago:


XLQ is still around and is being updated constantly. You can find it ta, additionally a recent article regarding XLQ was published that builds upon the above article.


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