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XLQ Update 4.8

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XLQ is an updated download we have reviewed in the past that delivers free live, intraday and historical worldwide stock market data from the Internet directly to your computer.

XLQ downloads data through Microsoft Excel, xlqCompanion and programming language that supports COM. The new XLQ has supporting libraries for Windows 8 and Office 2013. The update now makes XLQ compatible with a 64-bit version of Excel. Version 4.8 also includes crash reporting. There were a couple new formulas added for Yahoo! and Force Index. XLQ 4.8 uses NTP (Network Time Protocol), as opposed to http services, to work better with exact times. There is an updated compatibility with IQFeed to reduce crashes. With users who have the xlqPlus license, the update includes support for AAII's Stock Investor Pro 4.0 and all the new fields that 4.0 entails. Overall, XLQ 4.8 functions more efficiently, and fixes several bugs.

XLQ Update 4.8

To download the XLQ Update 4.8, click on the link with your corresponding operating system:

System Requirements: Windows XP through 8; Excel 1997 through 2013; 32 and 64 bit

Size: 32 bit 8.2 MBs, 64 bit 9.3 MBs, Windows XP 8.19 MBs

Price: Free


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