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Track your portfolio, view headline news and watch videos on your Android device.

Yahoo! Finance is one of the most popular finance websites, so it makes sense that they have accompanying mobile apps. This week we take a look at the free Android-based version.

After installing the app from Google Play you can log into your Yahoo! account to view any portfolios you have already set up at the Yahoo! Finance website. One glaring drawback, however, is that you cannot set up new portfolios (or edit existing portfolios) from within the app itself.

The Portfolio Quote tab shows the performance of your tickers for the latest trading day, with the latest quote (in real time) and percentage price change for the day. Tapping on a company will show you a list of related news items from a variety of outlets, including The Associated Press, CNBC, Bloomberg, The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha and MarketWatch. With a swipe of the new screen, you can view a selection of key stats for the company, including volume, market cap, 52-week high and low price, and price-earnings ratio.

The app’s Daily Ticker tab allows you to view video of select news stories.

Overall, the app was a disappointment, given how robust and dynamic the Yahoo! Finance website is. We think there are several better portfolio tracker apps available for Android; chief among them is the Google Finance app.

Yahoo! Finance for Android

Yahoo! Mobile



George Sturgis from MS posted over 5 years ago:

could AAII use its influence to get yahoo finance to open up all of it's site to mobile access for android?

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