The Top 8 Sites for Company, Industry & Sector and Economic News and Analysis

CI editors list and review the best investment and financial websites.

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Economic News

Economic releases, analysis and commentary form the lifeblood of any market. Without them, investors would be blind to major factors driving the market, and it makes the market that much less informed. In this space, there are several types of participants: those who prepare the economic data (and release it), those who analyze and comment on it, and those who digest one or both of the first two. Usually the government collects, prepares and releases economic data to the public. Economists and analysts analyze and summarize the significance of the data. A third type of participant is anyone who consumes the economic data or analysis for use in their professional or personal life.

Economic news ranges from releases of raw data such as weekly jobless claims to commentary and analysis about that data. This kind of information is quite important to investors who wish to better understand what factors might be driving share prices besides company data. While there is no need to become an economist, a prudent individual investor should understand the major economic news, what it represents and which companies/industries might benefit or lose by it.

Websites are generally segmented into those that release the data and those that analyze and consume the data. In our list here, however, we are focused more on economic news and analysis and less on the raw data. To that end, we highlight websites that offer a bevy of information for review and analysis by any consumer of this type of information. Some of the information is available for free, although there are features of the websites that require a subscription for premium access to select content. While the websites that follow seem comprehensive in nature, it’s important to remember that no single site has everything.