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Investor Conference Audio Collection

First Quarter 2014 by CI Staff
How you can access the education and strategies discussed at AAII’s recent Investor Conference in Orlando.

AAII Discussion Boards

Fourth Quarter 2013 by CI Staff
Find out how to join in on the conversations taking place on our website and personalize your experience.

Current Market Stats

Third Quarter 2013 by CI Staff
Accessing the hidden gems of our Markets area, where a wealth of current and historical data is constantly updated.

AAII Investor Guides

Second Quarter 2013 by CI Staff
A look at three of our most-used online guides.

AAII Model Portfolios

First Quarter 2013 by CI Staff
A look at what you might be missing in AAII’s Model Portfolios area online and how to keep up-to-date on changes. New Stock Screens and Conference Audio

First Quarter 2010 by CI Staff
Check out three new screens added to the AAII Stock Screens area built on Charles Kirkpatrick's models. Also, subscribe to our audio page to hear presentations given at our Investor Conference last November in Florida. AAII Guides and Investor Surveys

Fourth Quarter 2009 by CI Staff features a couple of guides geared to the computerized investor, and others of general interest. The AAII Investor Surveys allow members to voice their opinions on a variety of topics. Social Media Tools

First Quarter 2009 by CI Staff
Find out how to use Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds to keep current on new postings to the AAII and Computerized Investing Web sites. Plus, join in the talk at AAII's Discussion Boards.

Setting up an Investment Plan

First Quarter 2009 by AAII Staff

Making Investment Decisions

First Quarter 2009 by AAII Staff Portfolio Tools

Fourth Quarter 2009 by CI Staff
AAII's Portfolio Tracker allows you to create and save up to 10 portfolios. The Portfolio Management area steers you to helpful articles and resources, including the unique Portfolio Observer asset allocation tool and our popular AAII Model Portfolios. Plus, the AAII Stock Screens area is regularly refreshed with new investing ideas. RSS Feeds

Fourth Quarter 2009 by CI Staff
RSS feeds keep you in the know about updates to the AAII Web site. Find out how to receive notification straight to your computer as soon as AAII Stock Screens or Model Portfolios are updated, or when new issues of AAII publications have been posted on-line. NEW! AAII Discussion Boards

Fourth Quarter 2009 by CI Staff
Members can now interact with each other at our discussion board area. Customized features include the ability to subscribe to forums that notify you when new comments have been posted. Comment on CI Articles

Nov/Dec 2008 by CI Staff
Readers can now post comments to CI articles and respond to the posts of other members. Also, a new Investor Classroom has recently been added on the basics of mutual fund investing. New Portfolio Tracker and Journal Tools

Sep/Oct 2008 by CI Staff
Track up to 10 portfolios with 52 securities in each with our new on-line portfolio tracker powered by QuoteMedia. Also, check out enhancements to our AAII Journal area: you can now post comments and download the entire issue. New Quote Service and AAII E-Books

Jul/Aug 2008 by CI Staff
AAII members can now access detailed stock information on our Web site provided by Also, check out the electronic copies of our most popular books: “Investing Basics…and Beyond,” “Portfolio Building” and “Stock Investing Strategies.” Top Funds Guide and Audio Clips

May/Jun 2008 by CI Staff
Check out the expanded version of the 2008 Top Mutual Funds Guide, with full data pages on 1,400 funds, in our AAII Guides area. Also, listen to audio clips from the AAII Investor Conference in a new area of our Web site. Portfolio Observer and ETF Info

Mar/Apr 2008 by CI Staff
Check out recommended asset allocation and diversification strategies for aggressive, moderate and conservative investors--complete with historical performance--in our Portfolio Observer area. Also, where to find our information on exchange-traded funds--from quote data and annual performance stats to explanatory articles and AAII's Model ETF Portfolio. RSS Feeds and Broker Survey Results

Jan/Feb 2008 by CI Staff
Members can now receive notification when AAII Stock Screens or Model Portfolios are updated or when new issues of publications are posted on-line. Also, the 2007 results of AAII's member survey of on-line discount broker satisfaction. AAII Stock Screens

Sep/Oct 2007 by CI Staff's Stock Screens area provides a forum for you to investigate and follow the performance of a wide range of methods for identifying attractive stocks. AAII Investor Guides

Jul/Aug 2007 by CI Staff
Updated annually, AAII's collection of guides provides a continuing stream of how-to investment advice, knowledge and guidance. Recent Improvements

May/Jun 2007 by CI Staff
Two more reasons to constantly keep tabs on our Web site: Interactive quizzes that have recently been added to our Investor Classroom, and newly enhanced E-newsletters. New Features

Mar/Apr 2007 by CI Staff
The most recent additions to our constantly evolving site include a portfolio management area that suggests allocations and giving members the ability to E-mail select AAII articles to a friend. Members Rate Their Brokers

Jan/Feb 2007 by CI Staff
AAII's year-end tally of members' opinions about the discount brokers they’ve used. On-Line Broker Survey

Nov/Dec 2006 by CI Staff
Vent your views about your on-line broker and see other members' opinions in our ongoing survey of on-line discount brokers. AAII Model Portfolios

Sep/Oct 2006 by CI Staff
Become your own stock or fund advisor with the data and systems we provide in this AAII member benefit service. Investing Pathways

Jul/Aug 2006 by CI Staff
Discover Investing Pathways, AAII’s sister site for 401(k) investing education and advice. AAII Stock Screens

May/Jun 2006 by CI Staff
Follow along as AAII tracks over 50 different stock investing approaches. See monthly stock lists or find out how to implement one of the strategies on your own. AAII Guides

Mar/Apr 2006 by CI Staff
Getting the most from the updated tools and in-depth data found in the AAII Guides area of our Web site. On-Line Broker Survey 2005 Results

Jan/Feb 2006 by CI Staff
A look at what fellow members think of their on-line brokers. On-Line Broker Survey

Nov/Dec 2005 by CI Staff
Tell us what you think of your on-line broker and see what other members say about the brokers they’ve used in our ongoing survey of discount brokers. Investor Guides

Sep/Oct 2005 by CI Staff
Visit this invaluable area of our Web site where AAII's most popular guides are collected--including the CI Guidebook. The CI E-Newsletter

Jul/Aug 2005 by AAII Staff
Keep up to date on developments in computer-assisted investing between issues of Computerized Investing with our timely E-mail. Investing Basics for All

May/Jun 2005 by AAII Staff
The wealth of information and tools at the new Investing Basics area of our Web site can aid you - no matter what your experience level. Announcing a Site Redesign

Mar/Apr 2005 by AAII Staff
AAII is developing a more dynamic Web site that makes it easier to find and use our materials and tools. See what's in store. AAII Model Portfolios

Jan/Feb 2005 by AAII Staff
Follow the AAII philosophy embodied in two real portfolios: a small-cap stock portfolio and a mutual fund portfolio. Comprehensive Guide to ETFs

Nov/Dec 2004 by AAII Staff
View and manipulate current data on just about every exchange-traded fund with AAII?s on-line guide to ETFs. Top Web Sites

Sep/Oct 2004 by AAII Staff
Get the most out of this year?s picks for the best of the investment Web sites.

Jul/Aug 2004 by AAII Staff
AAII's companion Web site answers questions for investors with 401(k) retirement plans. Tracking Successful Investors

May/Jun 2004 by AAII Staff
Visit the newly redesigned Stock Screens area of to investigate and track the performance of a variety of famous stock strategists.

Discount Broker Survey On-Line

Mar/Apr 2004 by AAII Staff
Take advantage of the extra features to our updated Web sites for tax information, forms and e-filing.

AAII's New Model Portfolios

Jan/Feb 2004 by AAII Staff
Follow a small-stock portfolio and a fund portfolio using a few simple rules.

New Guide to ETFs

Nov/Dec 2003 by AAII Staff
AAII has just put together a comprehensive guide to exchange-traded funds. See how to maximize this new feature on-line.

Top Web Sites

Sep/Oct 2003 by AAII Staff
Find out how to get the most out of AAII?s just updated on-line guide to the best Internet sites for investors.

Investing Pathways

Jul/Aug 2003 by AAII Staff
Check out AAII's new companion Web site geared toward investors with 401(k) retirement plans.

AAII Stock Screens

May/Jun 2003 by AAII Staff
Learn how to get the most out of this popular AAII feature: Stock screens that track the approaches of the professionals.

What You're Missing

Nov/Dec 2002 by AAII Staff
A look at key areas and features on that you may be overlooking.