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Stock Data

Fourth Quarter 2012 by CI Staff
The wealth of resources you’ll find by typing a stock symbol into the ticker window on our website.

Keep Current With Website Updates

Third Quarter 2012 by CI Staff
Services on AAII’s website that inform you when new content has been posted to

Stock Screens Guide and Tables

Second Quarter 2012 by CI Staff
Extra resources at’s Stock Screens area include a guide to the stock screens and several tables that give insight into the screens’ performance and characteristics.

Technical Analysis Resources

First Quarter 2012 by CI Staff
A look at the wealth of education you can access at’s Technical Analysis area, plus the charting options found in our security research area.

AAII’s Investor Classroom

Fourth Quarter 2011 by CI Staff
Take a refresher course in investing basics, mutual fund investing, stock analysis or bond investing.

Standard & Poor’s Offerings

Third Quarter 2011 by CI Staff
S&P Stock Reports are available to AAII members for several hundred companies. In addition, each week we offer S&P’s expert analysis and opinion on one stock and its industry.

Asset Allocation

Second Quarter 2011 by CI Staff
Review the performance of suggested asset allocation models, and see how members are allocating their portfolios currently.

Sharing AAII Content

First Quarter 2011 by CI Staff
With the redesign of, members can now share AAII articles and other content through a variety of social media outlets.

Favorite Features of the New Site

Fourth Quarter 2010 by CI Staff
Continuing the discussion of’s redesign with a look at a few helpful new functions you may have missed.

Introducing Our Site Redesign

Third Quarter 2010 by CI Staff
As AAII readies to launch a new version of our website, get a first look at the features and upgrades you can expect.

New Stock Screens and Conference Audio

Second Quarter 2010 by AAII Staff
Check out three new screens added to the AAII Stock Screens area built on Charles Kirkpatrick's models. Also, subscribe to our audio page to hear presentations given at our Investor Conference last November in Florida.

AAII Guides and Investor Surveys

First Quarter 2010 by AAII Staff features a couple of guides geared to the computerized investor, and others of general interest. The AAII Investor Surveys allow members to voice their opinions on a variety of topics.

Social Media Tools

Fourth Quarter 2009 by AAII Staff
Find out how to use Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds to keep current on new postings to the AAII and Computerized Investing Web sites. Plus, join in the talk at AAII's Discussion Boards.

Portfolio Tools

Third Quarter 2009 by CI Staff
AAII's Portfolio Tracker allows you to create and save up to 10 portfolios. The Portfolio Management area steers you to helpful articles and resources, including the unique Portfolio Observer asset allocation tool and our popular AAII Model Portfolios. Plus, the AAII Stock Screens area is regularly refreshed with new investing ideas.

RSS Feeds

Mar/Apr 2009 by CI Staff
RSS feeds keep you in the know about updates to the AAII Web site. Find out how to receive notification straight to your computer as soon as AAII Stock Screens or Model Portfolios are updated, or when new issues of AAII publications have been posted on-line.

NEW! AAII Discussion Boards

Jan/Feb 2009 by CI Staff
Members can now interact with each other at our discussion board area. Customized features include the ability to subscribe to forums that notify you when new comments have been posted.