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PC Buyer's Guide 2013

November 2013 by Wayne A. Thorp
This annual guide updates you on the latest happenings in the computing industry and helps you make an informed purchasing decision.

The Top Comprehensive Websites of 2013

August 2013 by Joe Lan
Our yearly review of the top comprehensive financial websites features a new entry.

Cloud-Based File Synchronization Services

May 2013 by Wayne A. Thorp
An in-depth look at the major cloud services that synchronize your files for access on any of your computers or devices.

Tax Preparation Services

February 2013 by Joe Lan
In-depth reviews of three tax preparation services that provide the best combination of ease-of-use, price and accuracy.

PC Buyer's Guide 2012

November 2012 by Wayne A. Thorp
Our goal with this guide is to focus your attention on the key factors that are most relevant when buying a new computer to aid in the computerized investment and analysis process.

The Top Comprehensive Websites 2012

August 2012 by Joe Lan
An in-depth review of the websites that combine the features and functions used most frequently by individual investors, including up-to-the-minute news, portfolio management, simple stock screening capabilities and the availability of fundamental and technical data.

Tracking the Analysts

May 2012 by Wayne A. Thorp and John Bajkowski
Earnings play a key role in valuing stocks, and even slight changes in expectations for future earnings or the projected earnings growth rate can have a significant impact on a stock’s price. Tracking these expectations, and their changes, is an important and potentially rewarding strategy for stock investors.

Comparison: Tax Preparation Services

February 2012 by Joe Lan
If you are one of the many who dread the arrival of April 15, fear not; this article can help you find a service to sort through all of the tax implications of your 2011 finances.

PC Buyer’s Guide 2011

October 2011 by Wayne A. Thorp
The relevant factors to consider when buying a new PC to help you in the computerized investment and tracking process, including such tasks as portfolio management and tracking, stock and mutual fund screening, and technical analysis and charting.

The Top Comprehensive Websites 2011

August 2011 by Joe Lan
An in-depth review of the investing websites that are the best one-stop shops, offering detailed fundamental data on stocks, mutual funds and ETFs as well as portfolio monitoring and screening capabilities.

Tax Preparation Services

March 2011 by Joe Lan
Online services provide an easy way to prepare and file your tax returns, plus they have systems in place to double-check your work.

Staying in Front of the Market With the “Stock Market Dashboard”

February 2011 by Wayne A. Thorp
Leslie Masonson believes that monitoring changes in market direction allows you to see exactly where it is going. His Stock Market Dashboard uses a combination of freely available indicators that signal when to buy, sell or stay on the sidelines.

The Top Comprehensive Websites

December 2010 by Joe Lan
An in-depth look at the three best websites where a range of information and tools for the individual investor are offered in one location.

Computerized Investing’s Annual PC Buyer’s Guide

November 2010 by Wayne A. Thorp
If you are looking to purchase or upgrade a personal computer to aid you in the computerized investment analysis and tracking process, our recommendations here should allow you to run the top investment software titles available to individual investors.

Grant Henning’s Fundamental-Value Stock Trading System

September 2010 by Wayne A. Thorp
After Henning developed a technical-momentum approach to stock-picking, he discovered that there are times when value stocks with strong earnings do better. A look at Henning's ranking system using a fundamental-value approach.

Grant Henning’s Technical-Momentum Stock Trading System

August 2010 by Wayne A. Thorp
Henning’s approach is based on the belief that using mathematical models to select stocks can eliminate the guesswork and emotion from the investment process.

Screening on Jim Slater's Zulu Principle

June 2010 by Wayne A. Thorp
In the 15-plus years I have been reading investing texts—especially related to stock screening—I have found the subject to be decidedly centered in the U.S. Therefore, when I ran across a book written on the other side of the pond in England, I jumped at the chance to see what it had to say.

Quicken Essentials for Mac

May 2010 by Cara Scatizzi
Intuit recently released this personal finance program created exclusively for the Mac OS. The program was built from scratch and integrates the functionality of the financial management Web site (which Intuit acquired in the fall of 2009).

Comparison: Tax Preparation Services

April 2010 by Cara Scatizzi
TurboTax, H&R Block At Home and TaxAct are similar in their step-by-step guidance and ability to find appropriate deductions and credits. Where the programs differ is in the presentation of information, the help available and the price.

Benjamin Graham's Net Current Asset Value Approach

February 2010 by Wayne A. Thorp
One of Benjamin Graham's original selection methodologies dating back to the early 1930s has been largely overlooked. The methodology focuses on stocks trading at prices less than their net current asset values (NCAVs). This CI Online Exclusive explains the NCAV approach, highlighting how you can use computerized stock screening tools to identify stocks meeting Graham's criteria.

The Top Comprehensive Web Sites

January 2010 by Cara Scatizzi
The Internet has become an invaluable source for investment information, tips, education and security data. There are thousands of sites that offer financial data. This comparison focuses on the best Web sites for comprehensive financial data coverage and tools.

Computerized Investing PC Buyer's Guide

November 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
This is intended to aid those who are looking for a personal computer to perform common investment tasks.

Beating the Market With Charles Kirkpatrick

September 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
The market downturn over the last year or so has been a nightmare for many investors. On one end of the spectrum are the “buy and hold” investors who saw their portfolios battered by the broad-based decline in equities.

Using the Magic Formula for Investing

August 2009 by Cara Scatizzi
Learning to successfully invest in the stock market is simple, according to Joel Greenblatt’s “The Little Book That Beats the Market” (Wiley, 2005). Greenblatt is the founder and a managing partner of Gotham Capital, a private investment partnership. He is an adjunct professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, and holds a B.S. and an MBA from the Wharton School.

Rules of Attraction: The MAGNET Stock Selection Process

June 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
Most investment strategies, especially fundamental stock screens, typically have some sort of style “bias”—leaning more toward a value- or growth-oriented approach. However, Jordan Kimmel blends value, growth and momentum investing styles into a singular approach, which he termed the MAGNET Stock Selection Process.

Stock Screening With Walter Schloss

May 2009 by Cara Scatizzi
Many individual investors may not be familiar with the investment guru that Warren Buffett calls a “super investor.” Walter J. Schloss studied under Ben Graham in 1935 and started his own fund in 1955. Schloss’ son joined the fund in 1973 and subsequently renamed it Walter & Edwin Schloss Associates.

Comprehensive Web Sites

September 2008 by Cara Scatizzi
The Internet has become an invaluable source for investment information, tips, education and security data. However, there are thousands of sites that offer financial data.