Computerized Investing Comment Policy

Computerized Investing is a subscription-based service and, as such, we only allow registered subscribers to post comments. This also allows us to cut down on the noise of spammers or trolls.

Spamming of any type, be it human or robot-generated, is always deleted. If you're trying to sell something in comments, you’re a spammer and we will remove your comments. Trolling is also unacceptable, so we delete any comments we feel are disruptive, off-topic or annoying. We also delete comments that are racist, sexist, obscene, or offensive in any way. Personal attacks are also not allowed, whether directed at CI staff or another commenter. Finally, we reserve the right to delete any comment at our discretion. If we see a history of trolling or other offensive behavior, we’ll just ban your account. That means that your username, email, and potentially IP address will be barred from our system, and you'll no longer be able to comment on Computerized Investing.

Deleting comments is not censorship. Computerized Investing—along with its parent AAII—allows comments in order to further discussion of the products we cover and articles we write and to engage fellow readers. Computerized Investing’s commenting sections are NOT public forums where you can say whatever you please. Computerized Investing is an educational site and a private business. The editorial staff does not delete comments without good reason, but deletions are always at the discretion of the editors. We try to keep the Computerized Investing comment sections an enjoyable and engaging experience for all of its readers.

If you find a comment that you find offensive, please don’t engage the offender in the comments. It only makes things worse. You can report an offensive comment by emailing us at Please provide the URL of the article or post and the contents of the comment(s) you found offensive and our editors will review the comment to see if it should be removed.