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Featured Apps: News

Built-in Podcast App on iOS Devices

by Jaclyn N. McClellan

Apple’s iOS app that allows users to download and listen to a wide variety of podcasts for free.

Investing.com (for iOS, Android)

by Jaclyn N. McClellan

Stay on top of current market information regarding news, stocks, ETFs, forex and more.

Pocket for iOS and Android

by Wayne A. Thorp , CFA

The Pocket app lets you save articles, videos and more from the Web for later enjoyment.

Morningstar for iPad

by CI Staff

New iPad app mimics Morningstar's highly voted website with free and fee-based news, data and research on stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Feedly for iOS

by CI Staff

News aggregator app for iPhone and iPad.


by CI Staff

This “social magazine” aggregates news and social media streams on your Android phone or iOS device.


by CI Staff

Breaking news and market coverage.

Bloomberg TV+

by CI Staff

Live and on-demand financial news on your iPad.

Wall Street Scanner

by CI Staff

Any investor should view with healthy skepticism any service claiming to predict future stock direction. That is exactly what the Wall Street Scanner app purports to do. Using algorithms that scan nearly 16 million financial websites each day, the app gives you the probability of where the stock price is headed the next trading day.