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Featured Apps: Productivity

CamScanner (for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8)

by Hareesh N Jayanthi

Intelligent document management solution covering a range of devices.

Morning for iOS

by Wayne A. Thorp , CFA

App integrates the time, your calendar, news, commute time and weather into a single dashboard.

SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

by CI Staff

On-screen Android keyboard app supports “swype" typing and predictive auto-fill.

GoDocs for Google Docs and Google Drive for iOS

by CI Staff

Read, edit, download and share Google Docs from your iOS device.

Doxo for iOS and Android

by CI Staff

Household financial and personal data manager.

Evernote for Android

by CI Staff

Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity with Evernote, a free Android app.

ASTRO File Manager for Android

by CI Staff

Organize files on your Android device.

HD 12c financial calculator

by CI Staff

Android app emulates the venerable HP 12c financial calculator.

powerOne Financial Calculator—Pro Edition

by CI Staff

Algebraic and RPN calculator for iOS with customizable spreadsheet-like templates for mortgages, finance, investing and more.