Manage Your Portfolios With Investment Account Manager 2

May 16, 2015

There are many options for keeping track of your investments: manual record keeping, Excel spreadsheets, online services and stand-alone software. Investment tracking solutions such as Quicken are well-known and offer easy integration with their other products, while online-only portfolio tracking websites such as Macroaxis offer slick interfaces with analytics. But each of those solutions has it weaknesses: for Quicken, nowadays, reliability has become a question (see our review), while for Macroaxis (see our Best of Web review), you need to trust the website to keep your information secure on their server.

If you are looking for an alternative to Quicken that is more secure than a website, Investment Account Manager 2, developed by Quant IX Software, may be of interest to you. The product is offered in two versions: a retail version for individual investors and a more powerful version for professional asset managers. We focus on the retail version, which is more appropriate for most CI readers. Additionally, while the product can work with a variety of asset types such as bonds or derivatives, we focus here on stocks.

The cost starts at $79 and goes up from there, although AAII members get $20 off. Look for Special Offers in the Member Benefits section of the AAII website for the coupon. Pricing details are given toward the end of this article. For AAII members who subscribe to Stock Investor Pro, there is an additional perk: You do not have to sign up for QuoteMedia as a data feed since you can select SI Pro as your data source.

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