Benchmarking Your Investment Returns With a Computer

November 19, 2016

Benchmarks help inform investors as to the financial value they are receiving for the fees they pay. Are you earning less than the market? In other words, are you paying 1.0% or more in fees and getting less than market returns, while your neighbor is getting market returns and paying 0.1%, or 1/10th of what you pay in fees?

If you are an investor and do not use a benchmark to measure your portfolio, you are basically flying blind. Benchmarking returns give investors an idea of what returns they are getting in relation to the market. If you are personally managing your own money and are performing worse than the market while incurring more costs along the way, wouldn’t it make more sense to invest in an index mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) to capture market returns at less cost and not have to worry about trying to actively manage your money?

Even if you have a personal adviser who manages your money, it’s important to benchmark the adviser’s performance.

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