Creating a Contrarian Screen: The 52-Week Low Formula

June 21, 2014

One of our key goals here at Computerized Investing is to educate the individual investor on investing while harnessing technology to aid in the investment analysis, research and tracking process. Therefore, the aim of most of our articles is not only to teach and provide rationales for different investment strategies, but also to implement these strategies in the real world. In this feature article, we examine Luke Wiley’s 52-Week Low Formula approach to stock-picking. We discuss the reasoning, strategy and thought behind his approach. In addition, we show how to implement the strategy by creating a step-by-step screen using Portfolio123’s stock screening tool. Portfolio123’s stock screener is a fee-based tool available online that comes with a free 15-day trial.

Data Elements

The first step in researching an investment methodology and creating an investable screen is to understand the key concepts behind it. In his book “The 52-Week Low Formula” (John Wiley & Sons, 2014), Luke Wiley identified five different filters he uses when choosing stocks.

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