Tactical Asset Allocation With Portfolio Visualizer

July 21, 2018

First, a bit of background on this article along with some well-deserved acknowledgements. The AAII Silicon Valley Chapter’s Computerized Investing subgroup has been discussing Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) strategies for multiple years. For much of that time if you wanted to try out different TAA ideas by backtesting them you had to either: a) do it yourself via downloading data, creating Excel formulas, coding equations, etc., or b) buy a simulation/backtesting tool to help you try out your idea.

Since 2013, a free, web-based tool—Portfolio Visualizer—has been available that eliminates much of this work. Consequently, much of our recent work on TAA has used Portfolio Visualizer.

Let me stop here and thank the creator of Portfolio Visualizer, Tuomo Lampinen, for providing this very powerful tool. Lampinen was kind enough to speak about Portfolio Visualizer at the AAII Silicon Valley Chapter in January of this year and it was quite rewarding and educational.

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