Quicken 2015 (Premier) for Windows

December 20, 2014

Quicken, the popular personal finance software program, has released its latest update. While Quicken 2015 still offers the Starter & Deluxe editions, investors interested in tracking and managing their investments will need the Premier edition. The Premier version of Quicken for 2015 adds some new features that users may find useful. Versions are offered for both the Windows and Mac operating systems, though this review is limited to the Windows version. The Mac version of Quicken 2015 has received very mixed reviews, at best, as its functionality is limited compared to the Windows version. Many of the software features are carried over from the previous versions, so we only touch upon high-level features while highlighting on what’s changed.

In recent years, more and more competition has shown up to knock Quicken off of its perch. Services such as, which Intuit bought, and Personal Capital continue to add services that directly compete with Quicken, but Quicken still easily retains the largest market and mind share of the personal finance software market. The software can be purchased directly from Intuit at for $104.99 (as of December 19, 2014), but can frequently be found for less at various retail outlets, including

Quicken 2015 Premier, like all Quicken products, maintains bank-level security. Your information is encrypted and securely transmitted from your financial institutions into Quicken. This is unchanged from previous versions and is an expectation for any software or website that deals with the user’s financial information.

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