A Comparison of Tax Preparation Services

March 21, 2015

Not long after the New Year’s glow begins to fade, we receive our W-2s from our employers—a not-so-friendly reminder that we need to start looking into preparing our 2014 tax returns. In order to help you with that oft-unpleasant task, we have reviewed three of the most popular tax preparation services: H&R Block, TaxACT and TurboTax.

There are many reasonable tax preparations services around, whether online, software or in person; however, here we discuss online and software programs, with much of the focus on the online versions. More and more people are shifting to this method of filing their tax return, as it is usually the easier and less expensive way to file.

This comparison is a review of the three most popular websites for tax preparation. While many options seem similar on the surface, there are some clear differences between the offerings that may make a particular one more or less attractive to you. We also highlight which offering we liked the best among the three, but keep in mind that the right service for you depends on your particular needs and preferences.

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