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10 Questions with Jordan Kimmel

March 18, 2017

Market strategist and stock investing guru Jordan Kimmel answers 10 (or 12) questions about his investing life.

Jordan Kimmel has more than 30 years in the financial services industry as both a retail broker and as a fund and portfolio manager. He wrote “The Magnet Method of Investing” (John Wiley & Sons, 2009). Most recently, Kimmel has co-created the FACTS model, which measures the “integrity” of a public company based on strong leadership, core values and ethical cultures. AAII members are familiar with Kimmel’s Magnet Stock Selection Process, which blends elements of value, growth and momentum to choose promising stocks; four versions of the Magnet approach are tracked in the AAII Stock Screens.

For this interview, we include a question suggested by our previous interviewee, AAII president John Bajkowski: “What leisure book, if any, are you currently reading?” Read on to see his fascinating answer.

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