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We have put together a collection of market indicators and track them to help you gauge the direction of the market.

CI Analysis Worksheets

Interactive analysis templates covering DuPont analysis (return on equity), valuing stocks the Warren Buffett way, and more to come.

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Data Breaches Have Limited Effect on Consumers
posted less than a minute ago by Wayne Thorp

Tech Firms Paying Price for Earnings Disappointments
posted 2 hours ago by Wayne Thorp

Windows 10 Now Running on Over 14 Million Devices
posted 6 hours ago by Wayne Thorp

Bears Retreat on CI Market Dashboard
posted 9 hours ago by Wayne Thorp

Demand for Tablets Slows, iPad Market Share Dips
posted 2 days ago by Wayne Thorp

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This Month’s Question:

Do you plan on upgrading to Windows 10, which is being released on July 29?

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B) Yes, but I am going to wait to see what the response to it is before I upgrade
C) No, I am sticking with my older version of Windows for the foreseeable future
D) I do not use Windows