Learning About Real Estate Investing With BiggerPockets

May 19, 2018

BiggerPockets is a networking and education website for real estate investors.

BiggerPockets defines itself as a movement within the real estate community and offers users four main benefits:

  • Interact with real-life investors and build profitable relationships through the social network.
  • Ask questions in the forums, read posts on the BiggerPockets blog, or listen to interviews on the BiggerPockets podcast to gain knowledge and pick up new skills.
  • Analyze deals using the property analysis calculators—and print reports to give to lenders, partners and others.
  • Advertise your haves or wants in the Marketplace and start doing business with those in the community.

I am personally a member of BiggerPockets and enjoy the community aspect of the website, so I figured it would be beneficial to share with Computerized Investing subscribers! As someone who recently entered the real estate investing world, I have found BiggerPockets to be a great resource. I have gotten a chance to answer questions as well as ask them.

I will start by going through the four main ways the site helps real estate investors: network, education, tools and marketplace.

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