Stock Rover: A Faithful Research Companion

May 21, 2016

Alex Reisman of Stock Rover gives an overview of the online stock research platform.

At a glance:

  • Online stock research software
  • Screening, stock comparison & portfolio analysis
  • Link to brokerage for automatic portfolio syncing
  • Free & paid membership plans

Stock Rover is an interactive “dashboard” where you can engage in robust stock research. Stock Rover’s goal is to help individual investors make informed, independent decisions and to support them in their investing goals.

There are two membership levels: Basic (free) and Premium ($249.99/year or $74.99/quarter). Both levels provide detailed data on North American tickers, using the same integrated, comparison-oriented format. The major advantages that Premium offers over Basic are more financial metrics, 10 years of historical data rather than five, data export to offline CSV files, more flexible screening, deeper portfolio analysis, portfolio planning tools, and an ad-free environment. A 14-day free trial of Premium is available to all users (no payment information is needed; learn how to start the trial here).

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