Exploring the World of Online Advisory Services

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The age of the robo-adviser is upon us.

Robo-advisers are online wealth management services that provide automated portfolio management and advice. These “robos” have been a popular topic of conversation over the last couple years and especially in 2015. Their goal is to make investing easier for those who don’t want to actively manage their own portfolios.

Cerulli Associates recently released new research (on November 10, 2015) estimating that the digital advice market, or robo advice, is projected to grow 2,500% with an estimated $489 billion in assets under management by 2020.

I realized the magnitude of the interest after writing an article in the AAII Journal, - “What Exactly Do Online Advisory Services Offer?”. Not only did I receive many inquiries from members, I had non-members contacting me via email and even LinkedIn. People wanted more information on robo-services, and they were even interested in what my personal experience was while working with them to write the article.

Ergo, the Robo-Adviser column in Computerized Investing was born.

The most difficult part of understanding robo-advisers is realizing that they are all very different. While they operate under the same “service category,” they all offer different things, have different costs, minimums, forms of communication, etc.

Here you will find a collection of articles, interviews, facts and figures pertaining to the robo-advising industry. Is there a particular topic in this area you’d like covered? A specific robo-adviser you’d like mentioned? Let us know.


Jaclyn McClellan
Editor, Computerized Investing