CI’s Financial Ratio Analysis Spreadsheet

July 19, 2014

For most investors, examining a company’s financial statements front to back is not only time-consuming, but overwhelming. Financial ratios seek to minimize this tedious task by allowing investors to work through financial statement figures in an organized fashion and draw conclusions based on how certain figures relate to one another.

Stock investors are primarily looking for future growth in cash flow and earnings. Fundamental investors examine variables that might significantly impact a firm’s financial structure, sales, earnings production and dividend policy. By looking through a company’s financial ratios, investors can piece together an estimate about the company’s overall “health” to determine if it is an investment worth undertaking. CI offers a financial ratio analysis spreadsheet that aids in collecting the needed data and calculating the ratios. Five basic financial ratio categories are addressed in this spreadsheet: liquidity, efficiency, leverage, coverage and profitability. Note that the spreadsheet will not work correctly for evaluating financial companies.

The spreadsheet was created in Excel 2013 (Office 365). If you do not have this version of Excel, the spreadsheet may not open correctly. Support for Office 2003 has ended and we recommend users of Office 2003 update their software. Another option is to install an Office Compatibility Pack, which will allow you to open 2013, 2010 and 2007 Office System documents in Office 2003, Office XP, or Office 2000.

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