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Stock Screen Characteristics

If I remember correctly, AAII’s stock screen performance charts used to show the average number of stocks the various strategies held. I found this helpful in choosing a strategy that I could afford to use. Is this information show

-waltnmarge via Web Inquiry

CI Editor’s Response:

A lot of data on our stock screens is available to our members on our website. At, when you click on the Stock Screens tab, you’ll see several sub-tabs. The Performance History sub-tab provides yearly performance figures for each of our screens. In addition, two downloadable Excel sheets are provided: Monthly Cumulative Performance and Annual Performance. You are able to customize these spreadsheets as you see fit.

In the Screen Characteristics sub-tab, numerous fundamental characteristics are provided for each screen, including the median price-earnings ratio, PEG ratio, market cap, dividend yield, 52-week relative strength and average turnover and number of passing stocks. In addition, a Portfolio Characteristics spreadsheet is available for download. This page is updated twice a year, so be sure to take a look when considering a stock screening strategy.

Model Portfolio Transactions

I am confused about the transaction history for AAII’s Shadow Stock Portfolio. When you view the actual portfolio online, there are usually several stocks that have a statement in the Notes: “qualified as of xx/xx/xx.” That would imply to me that those stocks were purchased around the same time. However, when you look at the actual transaction history, it does not match up. Can someone please clarify? Thanks!

-fanatech via Web Inquiry

CI Editor’s Response:

The “qualified as of” date does not refer to when the holdings were added to the portfolio. Rather, the date listed refers to the most recent date that the holdings still pass the screening criteria.

For example, as of this writing, the actual Shadow Stock Portfolio Web page includes notes showing which stocks are qualifying as of October 31, 2011. If you scroll down to the Passing Companies list, each stock that is noted to be still qualifying should also show up in the current Passing Companies list.

Discount Brokerages

I have funds divided between Vanguard and Fidelity and am looking to simplify the way in which I track my securities. I supplement my brokerage research with Morningstar. I want to combine funds into one location for more consistent reports and research. Which one is preferred? Are there any others?

via Web inquiry

CI Editor’s Response:

The discount brokerages that you use are two of the best. There are a variety of other discount brokerages available, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The price differences between the brokerages are minimal, so they tend to differentiate themselves through their website features and through the services they provide.

On, we conduct an online brokerage survey and publish the results. Please visit to see which brokerages are most popular with our members. In addition, Computerized Investing regularly releases an online discount brokerage guide. The last one was released in the Second Quarter 2011 issue of Computerized Investing and can be found at

Portfolio Management Software

I am searching for a PC-based software package (or online service) that automatically collects and refreshes online investment data from several different online brokerage accounts and reports it all as one portfolio. Are you familiar with any sources for this type of software or online service? Thank you in advance for any advice you may offer.

-subs via Web Inquiry

CI Editor Response:

There are a number of software-based and online portfolio managers that are excellent at what they do. In the last issue of Computerized Investing, we released our article “The Top Portfolio Management Software,” which can be found at “The Top Online Portfolio Managers” was released in the fourth quarter of 2010 and can be found at These portfolio management systems are all very useful, and many of the online services are available, with certain restrictions, free of charge.


Resat Say from NC posted over 4 years ago:

What are some of the best portfolio management software for Mac computers

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