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MoneyDance is a personal financial management software that works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The program has numerous useful features available. The online banking service lets users automatically download and categorize transactions and send payments online from a bevy of financial institutions.

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Lawrence from CO posted over 7 years ago:

MoneyDance is a waste. It won't connect automaticaaly, the "suuport" "chat" didn't respond until 2 hours later. Never could get a way to connect to my 2 banks, both large major national ones.
Went back to Quicken. The program told me to contact my banks for the required access numbers. Neither bank internet dept had any idea what they were referring to. I doubt any program that costs the same as Quicken but takes many more hours to set up, if it's possible, will be around long. Their support chat area is full of similar complaints so I must not be the only who can't figure it out.

Cuong from CA posted over 7 years ago:

I did not buy the product .so I do not know.

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