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Computerized Investing > March 2010

Corsair Padlock 2 Flash Drive

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by Wayne A. Thorp, CFA

USB flash drives are a perfect way to transport data files, especially if you are like me and you take files to and from work. One of the key advantages of these drives—their compact size—can also sometimes be a drawback. Speaking from experience, it is easy to leave them behind if you are working in a hotel business center or a Kinko’s while on a business trip. When this happens, the last thing you want is someone taking it and browsing the contents of the drive. If you are worried about your sensitive files falling into the wrong hands, you should consider Corsair’s new Padlock 2 USB flash drive.

The Padlock 2 features 256-bit hardware encryption and, as you can see in the photo, features number keys on the drive case that allow you to enter a secure PIN number with four to 10 digits. If you forget your PIN, you can restore the factory settings and start over. Just be mindful that all of the data on the drive is wiped away. USB drives are known for their ruggedness, but the Padlock 2 offers a rubber housing for added durability and splash resistance.

Another nice feature of the Padlock 2 USB flash drive is that it is not platform-specific. With the integrated keypad, the drive does not require software to enter in the PIN. This means you can use a variety of platforms to access your data, including Windows, Mac and Linux computers, as well as gaming consoles and home entertainment equipment.

The drive currently is available only in an 8G (gigabyte) model and sells for around $55 at a variety of online outlets. For more information, visit the Corsair Web site (

Wayne A. Thorp, CFA, is the author of "Gadget Corner." All reviews are based on firsthand experience of the product or service. No third-party compensation is received for opinions on products, services, websites or topics. However, sometimes the author is not required by the manufacturer or their PR firm to return the product under review. In such instances, it is our policy to convey this within the review. The views and opinions expressed in these reviews are strictly those of the author. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

Wayne A. Thorp, CFA is a vice president and senior financial analyst at AAII and editor of Computerized Investing. Follow him on Twitter at @WayneTAAII.


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